Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Root - a local cafe

1500 South Main Street, Little Rock.

Let me start out by saying, I really miss the old Sweden Creme that was a landmark on South Main Street for nearly half a century. And maybe that's why I was so excited to see someone had rehabbed and opened a new eatery there. And boy was it crowded for lunch today. The menu mission statement is " build community through local food."

Through most of the world people eat "local" food because it's either not practical or too expensive to bring in foods from very far away. Here in the United States we are blessed with bountiful foods from far flung corners of the earth, and from next door. And, while tis noble to support your local growers, it's not always better or cheaper. I won't argue the points of locally grown vegetables, there is no argument - they're better. They taste better, look better, and gosh darn it they like me. And if I had an eatery, I would try to stock it with as much local goodness as is possible. But to build a business around the concept seems a tad foolish, and well, lamely trendy. And trendiness seems to be the draw here. At least that was the impression I got from the vast majority of patrons.

I tried their locally grown/produced bratwurst with a side salad. This cost eight dollars with no drink or upgrades. It took a good thirty minutes to get it and I was honestly shocked at the tiny portions they handed me. If eating local is why half the world goes hungry each night, then I'm again' it. I ate the brat in about four bites and started in on the miniscule layer of lettuce in the bottom of the container. Luckily they had given me only a tablespoon of salad dressing or it would have been overwhelming. The taste was good, no complaints there, but dang it, if I have to go out to eat after lunch, somebody has missed the point.

Did I mention that I really miss Sweden Creme?


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Where are you? More posts, please!!!
Signed, a new reader who has just found you and needs MORE!


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