Thursday, June 09, 2011

La Frontera Mexican Grill -- Where's the beef??

This is a quick follow-up to Circa Bellum's review of this place on May 5. He and I went out there for lunch a couple of days ago and encountered a strange problem -- no beef. That is as in: no beef for tacos, and no ground beef (carne molida) for the chilis rellenos I ordered. And this place has a butcher shop under the same management? They also had no tamales. Hmm. Whazzup?

The queso chili rellenos were very good, as expected, but it's just weird that they didn't have any beef. And, Circa said that they had been out of tamales another time he had gone there. Curious.

Maybe they're going through some growing pains. You might be well served to wait a bit longer before you try the place.


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