Monday, April 18, 2011


2650 John Harden Drive, Jacksonville AR

Drop the tray and move away from the buffet...

No, it's not the police or even the Weight Watchers group, but it's great advice. There are truly very few buffets in this world that have fresh tasting food on them. This is no exception, with rubbery fish, dried out rice, and undercooked boudain.

No, but if you sit down and order from the menu, you might be pleasantly surprised. Ordering gumbo will get you a gigantic bowl full of a fair representation of the craft, though a bit salty and lacking in the proper amounts of seafood. But near as I can tell, everything comes in ample portions so it's not necessary to go through the line to tank up.

The crab cakes, ala carte, are bigger and much better than the dried patties on the buffet, and the fried oyster platter was ample, juicy and perfectly fried for only twelve bucks. I would love to try the soft shell crab and some of the made to order fish dishes, so we'll be back for an encore.


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