Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Taco Tuesday at El Porton

My friend, Joe Bob Deux, says that tacos are almost the perfect food. And I tend to agree. When I think of Taco Tuesdays, I also think of my old friends, the Swinging Franks, who play at Casa Mexicana in Sherwood every Tuesday night. And I certainly would never steal any of their glory. But I have to admit that the food at Casa Mexicana, while always seriously mediocre, has taken a turn for the worse. Maybe even the worst. Last time I ate there, the food was terrible.

Since there are so many poor examples of tacos knocking about in the world, I was a bit trepidatious about trying the tacos at El Porton, but the sign out front has been calling out, "Taco Tuesday $1.00 Tacos" for months now and I finally broke down and headed over there last night. We fudged a little and ordered a few more than we thought we really wanted, I mean they're only a buck, right? Called it in and pulled into their drive through about ten minutes later and they really only charged me a dollar each, and they were ready when I got there. So, A plus for service and truth in advertising.

When I got home, we opened the traditional round aluminum pan containers to find real, full sized, no scrimping tacos loaded with ground beef and cheese and lettuce. These tacos are good! I added some squirts of Cholula sauce and while son2 pronounced them not quite as good as mine, I could tell from the way he ate seven of them that they probably came close.

So, with all of the cookie cutter Mex restaurants (if they have a "speedy gonzales" on the lunch menu, run away!), El Porton is quickly becoming one of my favorites of the genre. And the tacos just bolstered that opinion. A great deal, may become a regular Tuesday event at our house.


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