Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pho Thanh My - Still good. Still over-priced.

302 North Shackleford Road

Stopped back in Pho Thanh My for lunch yesterday, and the pho tai was delicious, as always. It was also way too expensive, as always (with tip, $22 for two bowls of soup and two iced teas -- maybe the South Vietnamese actually did win the war?).

Channeling Warren Buffet, I am a "value" eater: I like good food and good service at what I consider to be reasonable prices relative to the experience. These days, I'm not getting that at Pho Thanh My, and it's a disincentive to go there -- despite the quality of the food.

Today, my friend and I ate at Maddie's Place, and my inner Warren Buffet was happy. The review follows.


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