Thursday, June 09, 2011

Chang Thai & Asian Cuisine - Recent bad CHANGes

9830 Arkansas 107 / Sherwood

A quick post. My friend and I had lunch today at Chang (I think Circa Bellum did a review some time ago of this place), and were unpleasantly surprised. Previously, the food had been pretty good -- not great Thai, but an acceptable option to some other local places. Today: not good. Soups, actually inedible. Thai salads, dismal. Entrees barely OK (buffet).

When I was checking out, I asked the owner if she had anyone new working in the kitchen. She smiled and said, "yes." Then the smile sort of faded from her face as she realized that the question might not have been complimentary. "Was everything OK?," she asked. And, rather than lie, I told her the food had not been as good as the last time, and tried to leave it at that.

Bottom line: the recent changes at Chang are not for the better. I'm going to wait a bit before going back and then see what has transpired. As I was driving away, I realized I had seen and talked to Chang's former cook/chef over at Pho Thanh My recently. So, that might explain the problem.


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