Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I was speechless, not!

People these days never cease to amaze me and today was no exception. It started uneventfully at the Flying Fish down on East Markham. I got my usual whole catfish basket with the delectable whole fried fish with crisp fins and tail and all the flavor of the bones, but I digress.

After waiting a bit for the little carousel of lights to go off on the pager, it was finally time to go and pick up our orders.

Lo, and behold, we come back to the table and there were people sitting there. Not just sitting there, mind you, but MOVED OUR DRINKS TO ANOTHER TABLE sitting there. A couple of choice words sent them scrambling to replace our drinks on the TABLE OF OUR CHOICE and hie, tail-between-legs, back to their table from before.

And the food tasted ever so much better after having put them in their place...


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