Thursday, February 25, 2010

Damgoode Pies

Not sure if this one actually qualifies since they offer franchises, but maybe we can review them quickly before they sell a franchise...

Yannow, the name ain't far off the mark. I found the pepperoni pizza on thin crust to be about as close to perfect as any we've had so far. Certainly better than most. Bill remarked that he thought there was too much sauce, but even that was a minor detail in my mind. And it was a good, flavorful sauce.

I enjoyed the lunch special with a six inch pizza, a salad and a drink, all for less than $7.00. I was happy with what I got, might could have eaten a little more, but at least I didn't require a nap afterwards...

All in all, recommend this pizza and will certainly go back for lunch again.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Layla (again)

If you get off in our archives you'll see that we've reviewed Layla over on Rodney Parham before. And I still think it's the best gyro in town and I love everything I've ever eaten there. But today we went specifically as part of the pizza quest. Layla has a limited offering of hand made small size pizza's.

The crust is right up there with the best I've ever had. Crispy, crunchy and fights back just enough to let you know that it's not wimp. Slathered with a rich marinara sauce, lots of oregano and basil, and your choice of meats. I strongly recommend the gyro and pepperoni pizza. And don't let the nine inch size fool you. I've had pizza there two times now and each time I've taken about half of the pizza home with me because I was full.

Layla moves up into our top three...

9501 Rodney Parham RD

Luigi's and Gino's

Doing a two-fer here because both of these are in the southwest area of Little Rock, and neither seems to be a remarkable place to get pizza. I found both to be a disappointment, though I have heard that Luigi's (8310 Chicot Road) has very good Italian food, so go there for that, but not the pizza. Gino's? It's in a gas station on Geyer Springs, right off of the interstate. Why would we go there for pizza?

Well, my pard Bill tells me he's read glowing reviews of the pizza there. Stuff like, "as good as any" stuck in his mind. After we got our pie, which came in a box even though they have tables there, it became obvious that it's as good as any as long as the only place you've ever been is Grady's.

So, our recommendations are that you try the pasta at Luigi's. It might be good. At Gino's, stick to a tank of gasoline and maybe a Red Bull...