Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Young's Catfish

Those of you who remember the old Little Rock Institution, Young's Catfish, an offspring of Young's Fish Market, would be excited to hear that they're back in operation. This was fish fixed in the old Southern style, wild-caught catfish steaks with tangy cole slaw and deep fried taters and hushpuppies. Closest thing to a river-bank fish fry you could come in those days with out having to catch them yourself.

Swear, hand in the air, my car turned itself into the parking lot when I saw the banner, "Now Open!" on the Young's Catfish building on Broadway over in Rose City. But all I can say now is that the Brothers Young are spinning in their respective graves. This was a travesty and should be outlawed in all but the northernmost of states. They don't know the difference anyway.

I had catfish steaks with a thicker crust of breading on them than you find on most southern pork chops. Hard, crunchy corn meal breading with a rubbery overcooked piece of fishy smelling something in the middle. Wimpy french fries poured straight from the OreIda bag and fried at half the specified time along with hushpuppies that still had uncooked batter in the center and a side of slaw turning brown around the edges.

Whoever's idea it was to ruin the Young's name should be punished. It should have been a dead giveaway to me when I realized that everyone in front of me in line was ordering baked chicken...

Stay away. This place is terrible.