Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

There's a pretty good reason why you don't see many reviews of fast food establishments in this venue. And that's because it's so rare to find anything good to eat at one. Face it, these places are to get you by if you're desperate to eat something right now. That's why when I saw Oprah touting the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken I wanted to try me some. I mean, look at her, you can tell she knows food.

Now I've grilled enough chicken in my day, and eaten enough off of other folk's grills that I feel I'm a pretty good judge of grilled chicken. And maybe this is just the ticket for folks in flavor deprived areas like Chicago. But this stuff is not a substitute for grilled chicken.

How can I say yucky? Let me count the ways... hard, dry, burnt tasting, bits of tooth threatening hard things in places that chickens don't have hard things, bland, and did I mention that they use the same pitiful little baby chicken pieces that they use for their original recipe? You'd think those little squabs would be tender, but they're not.

Nah, this stuff should be avoided. You guys that wanted to riot? Hey, KFC did you a favor not redeeming your coupons. Just because it's free doesn't mean you should eat it...