Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Quest For Pizza

Last week my friend Bill told me that he wanted to go on a quest to find the best local pizza. The only rule would be that it couldn't be part of a chain. Chain being defined as multiple locations in more than one city. Little by little I find that I'm getting insight into what he considers to be the ultimate pizza. I detect a bit of longing for the old Pizza Hut, before Pepsi screwed it up, mingled perhaps with the style of Sbarro in the mall where you can buy single pieces, and maybe even toss in a bit of Pizza Inn. Oddly, these all seem to be chains.

Me? I guess I'm more of an "Ill know it when I taste it" kind of guy. I will admit, I've had a lot more bad pizzas over the years than I've had good.

Our Journey began last Wednesday at Pizza D'Action in Stifft's Station. This proved to be mediocre, surprising for a place with "pizza" in it's name, but I guess not all that unusual. We had the equivalent of the supreme. It was filling but unexciting. The crust was more of a flaky style yeast dough and just didn't have the resistance I like in a well made crust. Today we went to Loca Luna which wants to be known for its wood fired oven pizzas. They have a lunch special with half a pizza and a garden salad for around $8.00.

We tried the four cheese and the pepperoni pizzas. I found the crust to be acceptable in texture, but decidedly lacking in sauce and flavor. And, a bit skimpy as well. If it weren't for the salad, we probably would have needed to stop at the gas station on the way back to get a snack. As it stands, I may not be able to make it the rest of the afternoon...

Oh, well, keep looking I guess.


At 4:05 PM , Anonymous Amber said...

Dam Goode Pies! It's my favorite anyway. Zaza's in the heights is pretty tasty too.


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