Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Casa Mexicana and the Swinging Franks

As far as food goes, the local chain of Casa Mexicana restaurants are mediocre at best. You can get a decent margarita there as well as a giant mug of Dos Equis. but other than a less than occasional take out of nachos, we just don't go there. But now, on Tuesday nights, there's a reason to...

Last night Son2 and I wandered into the Kiehl location a little after 6:30. Having known several of the members of this band, The Swinging Franks, I had been wanting to go check them out at their weekly Tuesday night Casa Mexicana event. Son2 loves live music and Mom just wasn't up for a night out, so we just went bachelor and had some eats and drinks while listening to a charmingly entertaining group of groan ups...

You know when the band members forgo the orange barrel acid and pass out the obligatory Advils before the show that the music is going to be the good old classics and this certainly didn't disappoint. My biggest surprise was the fact that twelve year old Son2 knew the words to all the songs these guys were playing from the sixties, seventies and eighties... ya just never know.

So, head over to Casa Mexicana on Tuesday evenings, sip on a margarita or three and listen to the Franks wail on their guitars. They start at seven, but you might have trouble finding a seat if you get there that late. Oh, and you might want to eat before you go...


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