Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pierre's Gourmet Pizza Co.

4905 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
North Little Rock, AR 72116

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We got it to go (that's my blue willow plate in the picture), but the dining area is clean and pleasant with a large mural of the Little Rock/North Little Rock skyline with Pierre's location prominently placed. Their slogan is Pierre's knows pizza, and I'm inclined to think that's not too far from the truth. While I prefer a very thin crust with a bit of crunch and resistance to it, the hand thrown crust is very good and crisp around the edges.

The toppings are above average with the Pierre's Favorite being loaded down with pretty much all of it - pepperoni, canadian bacon, salami, beef, italian sausage, black olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, red and white onions, green peppers, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. That's it in the picture with the fresh slices of tomato. I like this one a lot. The herbs and spices that they add to it are a perfect complement and it had almost enough texture to the crust to support all that weight. Almost. We had to use a fork for the center half of the pieces.

The Venice Deluxe (olive oil, provolone, mozzarella and swiss cheese with basil)is more like a cheese bread and would be good to snack on with beer. Oh, speaking of which, they don't sell beer or wine at this establishment. Fine if you're a tee-totaler, but if you want a beer with it, take it home.

Pretty much all of the pizzas, unless you just order a pepperoni or something, have a "gourmet" flair to them. "A Taste of Greece," "Ron-A-Roma,"Baja Mexico," and "Demor Galor" are a few of the styles you can order. I'm planning to try them all.

I was pleasantly surprised at the salads. The "plain" garden salad comes with lettuce, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichoke hearts and parmesan cheese. Yes, artichoke hearts. That was a nice touch that tells me there's a lot of attention to detail in this kitchen. I like the home made Italian Vinaigrette dressing with it as well.

They also have calzone and sub sandwiches. I haven't tried either, but the menu makes them sound good.

On Tuesday night they have a special buy a large pizza and get a medium one topping for free. We may just make Tuesday pizza night at our house from now on. I wouldn't hesitate to reccommend that you give these folks a try. Better than average, maybe even better than most. We still have some exploring to do in the menu, but are optimistic that we won't be disappointed.

June 2007 UPDATE: The Tuesday special is a good deal, but the commenter is right - tell them to make the crust as thin as they can and cook it extra long. Otherwise it can be a tad doughy.


At 7:19 AM , Blogger BP said...

They didn't cook ours enough. Had to finish cooking at home.

At 10:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time here. The pizza is gross and the customer service is low class. For the price they charge go to SHOTGUN DAN and get your money worth.

At 9:06 PM , Blogger Linda C said...

Good pizza- could use a little more cheese.. Sauce was not the usual canned tasteless stuff we usually find in this area. Italian sausage was okay - not great - But we have not been able to find good italian sausage since we moved here. Staff very pleasant,fair prices. We will go back.

At 5:23 PM , Blogger Thomas said...

One of our local favorites. The ingredients are much better quality than the other local pizza joints. A bit more expensive as a result but in our minds well worth it.


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