Friday, April 06, 2007

Terrace on the Green

2200 N. Rodney Parham, Little Rock, Arkansas

Being unfamiliar with the area, we had a small bit of trouble finding the restaurant. Rodney Parham Road is confusing in its numbering, starting out at 100 at Markham Street, then you pass 9700 and 10000 pretty quickly, and by the time we got to 12500 I was on the cell phone asking for directions. The friendly female voice guided us in as the street numbers continued to climb and then we made a hard right turn and the numbers dropped back down to 2200 again.

Having overcome that hurdle, we found ourselves being ushered into a cozy dining room set with linens and china. I started to wonder just how spendy this would turn out to be. I think I let out a big breath when I peeked at the lunch menu and saw nearly every entree was priced under eight dollars.

In fact my choice, Pasta Arabiatta, was only $4.50. And I didn't choose that being the cheapskate that I am, I chose it because it sounded good. And it was. A spicy blend of sun dried tomatoes, diced eggplant and chili peppers served on a bed of linguini, it was a marvelous flavor. I began to sniffle a little, but the heat was just right for the dish.

We also tried a salmon dish with a delectible cream sauce and the chicken slouvakia with was perfectly prepared chunks of succulent chicken tossed with a citrussy blend of onions and tomatoes on a bed of fluffy rice pilaf. All of this served with a nice basket of flat bread and butter.

I thoroughly enjoyed each of the three dishes that we tried and would put this on the list of places to come back and explore the menu a bit deeper. A lot to recommend it. Go at lunch for the bargain it is, or spend twice as much at dinner for a charming date destination.


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