Monday, April 09, 2007

Terrace on the Green

2200 N. Rodney Parham

When it comes to Mediterranean cuisine, what comes up in your mind first? Italian? Greek? Moroccan? Or all of the above? Well, should you be interested, this restaurant surely has quite a select few from each style that can be sampled with.

Me and my friends stumbled across this restaurant while searching through the phone book hungrily for a new place to eat. Something fresh, something we haven’t tried before. And, it was our lucky day!

It’s a small place in an office building on Rodney Parham. It is small, yet neatly arranged and I didn’t feel the slightest discomfort usually associated with a confined, crowded place. It was quite cozy, warm and friendly.

We enjoyed some warm flat bread and butter while contemplating our order. My lunch today was broiled salmon topped with cream sauce, fresh vegetables and rice, sprinkled with olive oil and parsley.

Although I immediately felt guilty for not having ordered the Chicken Almondain, which would have been some thing more exotic for me, there was not a trace of guilt after I took my first bite into the fish. It was fresh, flaky and smoky. The cream sauce was sweet, creamy, yet not overwhelmingly cheesy, which elegantly complemented the perfectly broiled salmon.

As my friend pointed out, the dishes here were light, yet very flavorful and exciting. The total for the three of us, including drinks, was a little over $30.00, quite a bargain for something this refreshing and delightful.

This is definitely a place we should go back and revisit. There is still a lot to go into on their menu. i.e. My Friends Chicken, Flaming Cheese (Saganaki - a salty, aromatic Greek cheese appetizer, Kaeiri Cheese flamed with brandy, in case you were wondering) and Lamb Shank (hmmm, I can already feel the juice running down my chin...).


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