Thursday, July 08, 2010

Alibaba Mediterranean Cuisine

3400 South University Avenue, Suite #2, Little Rock, Arkansas. 379-8011

Pretty much a specialty grocery store with Middle Eastern products and halal meats, with a grill off to one side with tables to serve lunch. I don't find anything on the menu that I haven't had before, but the old familiars are of high quality and very tasty. I particularly enjoy the lamb here, roasted on a shish kabab and served with hummus and Arabic salad. The falafels are tasty if just a little dry and the hummus is slathered with wonderful olive oil.

Despite its name, the foul was quite fair, a mixture of mashed fava beans mixed with garlic, hot peppers, lemon and olive oil. It was kind of like a soup. Generous portions of warm pita bread and a little bowl of mixed pickles come with the entrees.

I haven't tried the gyros, and it would be difficult to beat that of Layla, but it looks quite good.

Priced moderately, I get out for around ten bucks plus tip at lunch...


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