Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dragon China / Hunan Balcony

2817 Cantrell Road, Little Rock

Used to be a buffet, now it's the twilight zone...

Sometimes being stubborn can have negative consequences. Today, when we pulled up to the Dragon China restaurant on Cantrell, the first thing we noticed was no cars in the parking lot. "Are they open?" we asked. But, since we had decided to go there for lunch we stubbornly walked in. It was as cold inside as it is outside which in January is not a good thing. The place was empty.

Stubbornly we made our way to the counter at the back and placed an order with the tired looking young lady and took a seat at a nearby table. Several times we saw people come in, look around, and leave. One other person came in and placed an order while we were there.

The food came out on paper plates with little plastic picnic forks and no napkins.

I've heard that the people that work in these "fujo" style restaurants all learn to cook "Chinese food" in this country. I think these guys skipped that part. One gets the impression that these are folks that just decided to start a restaurant and do the best they can to create dishes that look like the pictures. We should have known something was up when we saw that the word "buffet" on the sign outside had a black trash bag taped over it.

My advice? Run away. Don't call in an order for delivery. Don't even look that direction when you drive past. Keep eyes straight ahead and hold the steering wheel steady until you can get some place safe...


At 1:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, this was perhaps the most unusual dine-in experience I've had. Probably because I would normally just walk away. An unforgettable dining experience, to be sure.



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