Friday, July 27, 2007

Arkansas Wine

I have wanted very much over past years to find a local wine that I like to drink. And, consistently, Weiderkers and Post have failed me. But last spring we accidentally stumbled across the fairly new winery in Altus, Chateau Aux Arcs. And I think we may have a winner here.

I'll spare you all the details about how the owner started making her own wines at age thirteen. It's all here. I will tell you that they have a beautiful facility nestled right in the vineyards which is head and shoulders above all of the other wineries in the area.

The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and the wines ranged from mediocre (St. Mary's Mountain White) to really quite good (Dragonfly Red). I'm drinking a medium range cabernet right now (pictured above), and find it a pleasing dry wine with a good nose and a bold but not harsh flavor. This would be wonderful paired with some nice rare beef.

I'll be trying the petite sirah next and look forward to it. Definitely worth a look, I'll try to update back as I taste different varieties...

August 29, 2007 update. The petite sirah is an affordable and very drinkable red wine. I tried it with my home made spaghetti and meat sauce and it held its own quite well. It is nearly inky black with a hint of red grape around the edges of the glass. A beefy tannin taste that kept it interesting against the strong tomato and basil based sauce, but still not overpowering. At $12 the bottle, I believe I could do this one again.


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