Thursday, May 31, 2007


Seventh and Chester, beautiful downtown Little Rock.

I'm no stranger to Vino's. I worked down the street on 7th when they first opened across from Hungry's Cafe. And they've had the same lunch special ever since and that's what I always seem to get when I go there. A salad, a slice of pizza and a soft drink for $5.31. I'm sure the calzone is great, but I can't tell you first hand. I do know the salad and pizza are worth putting Vino's on your regular rotation of lunch venues.

It doesn't sound like much, but the pizza slices look like about a quarter of a pie, and the salad has cheese and peppers and olives and is fresh and delicious. I like the creamy Italian house dressing.

Vino's has a brewery on premises and they sell a lot of their brew so lots of folks must like it. Personally, I'm not much for ales and usually go for the lagered or pilsner style brews which they don't make. So, I skip the homebrew and buy a bottle of imported when I want to wash my pizza down with something more than iced tea.

Different, good and reasonably priced, give Vino's a try next time you're downtown for lunch.


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