Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Cross-eyed Pig

1701 Rebsamen Park Road, Little Rock * (501)265-0012

When I first got my food there was a small bowl of catsup perched atop of two slices of white bread. My thoughts were, "where's the sauce." Then I realized that this must be the sauce. I tasted some on the tip of my finger and it really didn't taste much different from catsup.

The pulled pork on the sandwich was juicy and with just the right amount of smokey flavor. It occurred to me that it would be a shame to ruin it with that awful fire-engine red "sauce." Oops, they already did. Here comes the sauce, dribbling out all over the plate. The chicken, on the other hand, was so dry that it needed the sauce to lubricate it enough for the trip down.

The beans weren't bad, but weren't remarkable either as were the fries. I enjoyed the iced tea, very much and didn't hear any complaints from my companion about the water.

Overall impression? The Cross-Eyed Pig is over-priced ($8.00 for a chicken plate) and on your basic level of "yankee" barbeque, which is to say, not up to southern standards? Hey are these guys from Memphis? With Whole Hog BBQ around the corner, why bother?


At 9:01 AM , Anonymous jtt said...

water could have used some more lemon! ha!

At 7:17 AM , Blogger Michael Warshauer said...

We used to like the Cross Eyed Pig, but as time went on, the quality declined.

Best wishes and heart appetites,


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