Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Some of us are old enough to remember going to Gabriel's back in the eighties. In those days it was a great place to eat oysters, drink beer and have a po’ boy sandwich. That’s why I was pretty excited to hear that Gabriel's was re-opening in Sherwood.

I know my expectations were quite high when we went there today for lunch, and having only opened a few weeks ago they still have some kinks to work out. Biggest of which is getting some experience into the staff. Our waiter seemed confused and aimless through most of our visit, having the most trouble trying to figure out how to work the POS computer.

We were greeted warmly with a handshake and a, “let’s have lunch!” when we walked in. I’m certain the gentleman who seated us is a Gabriel. Our waiter didn’t seem to know that the host had recited the lunch special and repeated it to us with the exception of changing the “bed of Cajun rice” to “rice pilaf.” Somehow I can’t help but thinking the first guy got it right when he said Cajun rice.

The lunch special today was beef stroganoff served, as stated above, on a bed of Cajun rice instead of noodles. It was made with beef tenderloin and succulent mushrooms in a thick brown sauce and served generously on a platter with the spicy, aforementioned, rice. It was quite good and I can recommend that you try it if it comes up again.

We also tried the fried shrimp dinner which consisted of some very nice, butterflied and hand breaded shrimp served with a tangy cocktail sauce, crab boil spiced corn on the cob and some of the best new potatoes I have ever tasted in my life. Topped off with a loaf of French bread with butter and a couple of glasses of sweet iced tea, and now I’m ready for a nap.

Moderately priced, I got out with tax and tip for a little under $11.00.

Looking over the menu, you can still get po’ boys – shrimp, oyster and catfish. I’m certain they’re good if they still use the same recipes as they did in the past. The appetizers sound great with crab fingers, oysters Gabriel, topless fresh oysters – freshly shucked, and Bogaloosa Cajun wings that sound good enough to make you beg.

I also want to go back and try some of their specialties like their Shrimp New Orleans and the blackened catfish.

All in all, a good experience despite our waiter’s inexperience. Maybe by the time you get there he’ll have the cash register down pat…

7412 North Hills Blvd.
North Little Rock, AR 72116

Update Spring of 2007 - I took my sister and her family here thinking it would be a special treat for out-of-towners. It wasn't. The food was overcooked and oversalted. The family was nice about it and said they loved it and perhaps they did, but I was a little embarrassed by the experience.

UPDATE FALL 2007 Closed! It's dead, Jim...


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