Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kabab & Curry - by Bob Joe

Score: a happy 8 out of 10.

Kabab & Curry is a small restaurant, but it’s anything but small when it comes to the taste and smell. And you might need a big stomach to go eat their lunch buffet because you might not be able to stop eating.

Well, at least I couldn’t stop before I hogged down three plates of delightfully spiced chicken, veggies, and bread.

Two wonderful highlights:

b) Naan, which is a flat baked bread sprinkled with olive oil, sometimes spices, and chopped cilantro (in case you were wondering, it is kind of like a hand made pizza without the topping!);

a) Bindi Masala Stir Fry, which is stir fried okra with onions and tomatoes. Honestly, I was at first going to skip this weird looking dish until my friend Joe Bob pointed out that it’s good. And I tried, and he was right! For some good reason, the okra in this dish was at all without the sliminess—which I believe many of us hate—and it is spiced just right so that you could taste the wonderful warm mixture of the veggies and seasoning, but not completely overwhelmed by either one. Very nicely done. Two thumbs up.

Although I have to say I wasn't completely impressed by the rice dishes. For my taste, they are a bit too dry and loose, baybe a bit too heavily spiced.

My friend Joe Bob says the Indian people’s probably got the most spices in the world, some of which you’ve never even heard of; and the most combinations of these spices, some of which you’ve never even dreamed of using. I think he’s got a point here. They sure don’t hesitate to spice things up a little!


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