Tuesday, August 29, 2006


6 out of 10
Interior Design—nice details.

I could see the designer was trying to give it a trendy Latino breeze, but I think he/she neglected the whole picture while searching to do so. Have you ever entered a room in which every detail looks fine and thoughtful, but the whole design just feels scattered? Well, this is exactly it.

Wait Staff—very good looking, and very, very friendly.

I almost had the illusion that I was attractive today. But then I kind of suspected it’s because she barely had any one else to wait on besides us. Oh well, it could’ve all been my too self-centered perspective. One thing for sure, it wasn’t because we were an irresistibly handsome pair. But, after all, I enjoyed the service.

Sandwich— plenty, but needs more touch.

Despite of the waitress’ persistent recommendation on a BLT Cubano (I wonder if they have BLT in Cuba or Mexico.) I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich Cubano and my friend ordered a classical sandwich Cubano. And man, were they hearty sandwiches loaded with meats and cheese—hmmm! But wait, something’s missing here. Don’t get me wrong, they were good sandwiches, except they were everyday in the lunch box-packed with lots of calories-good, not stylish Cuban-Mexican restaurant good.

Layers, that’s the word! It lacked the layers of different textures and flavors I was searching for. Let’s be honest, I don’t come to this kind of fancy restaurant to bite into yet another regularity. I want to sink my teeth into a multi-layered experience, an adventure — exotic spices, tenderness, crispiness, grilled, fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, the sun, the beach, the palm trees, all mixed in this sandwich in front of me. Passion, mi amigo. Passion.

Overall—nice service and very nice concept. Both the sandwiches and the menu could be a little better defined. 6 out of 10

Things we want to try next time—it’s an interesting place.
I’m still curious about some other stuff. The mojito looks very inviting. Oh, we might try sitting outside on the patio next time around. It might just feel completely different when the sun puts some strokes in the picture.


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